July haul from Joe Browns

Joe Brown is a little on the pricey side, but I was lucky enough to catch them in a sale and subsequently bought a little more than I had intended. But boy oh boy, was it worth it. Joe Browns do some gorgeous mens tailoring, the kind of flamboyant jackets and waistcoats that I adore.

joe brown thang

Being the current size and build that I am, I find it really difficult to find men’s waistcoats and jackets that actually fit correctly. Both of these were too large in certain areas and I will have to tailor them. But I absolutely love the lining of the garments as well as the patterns; I cannot wait to wear them with a full outfit.

joe brown 5

Thankfully, I have absolutely no fitting problems when it comes to hats.

joe brown comrade

This amazing hat was an impulse buy, probably driven by my current anger at current British politics. It is extremely comfy and I will probably wear it all through summer as well as winter because of how cool it is.

Aside from these items, I also purchased three floral themed summer shirts. Joe Browns shirts are fantastic for having intricate little design details that just make them completely unique and so interesting to look at.

joe brown 1

I will be matching these items with full outfits soon, but here are some looks I have fashioned so far.

joe brown 2

Shirt: Full of Life floral shirt, Joe Browns

Necklace: Topshop

Makeup: Burning Heart palette, Sugarpill Cosmetics

joe brown 4

Shirt: Oriental bird shirt, Joe Browns

Necklace: resin cast bat skull necklace, HysteriaMachine 

Makeup: Naked 1 palette, Urban Decay