January gems to put through your ears


I am not a person who deals very well with winter. If i’m honest, i’d hibernate all the way through it if I could. I’m cold all the time, wearing a million layers of bulky clothing, and not really paying much attention to how I look on a day to day basis. It’s times like these that accessories are a godsend; if you can’t be bothered to spend time on an fully fledged outfit, just add an interesting twist to plain comfy clothes with statement necklaces or earrings. If you’re more hxc inclined, or just had a slightly rebellious phase as a thirteen year old like I did, flesh tunnels are a great way to have some fun without making too much effort.

I recently purchased four new ones from Custom Plugs, a fantastic online store selling clothing, body jewellery, phone cases and more. They have a brilliant selection of plugs on offer, ranging from simple plastic ones to elaborate golden one inspired by traditional Indian jewellery. Wood, amethyst, opalite, glass, and metal are all used, fitting to a variety of tastes. My own tastes have changed dramatically and instead of looking for inverted crosses on glittery plastic, I now enjoy the more ornate designs made from gold and silver.


These plugs are all very comfy and the heavier ones, like this steampunk-esque cog themed one, have screw on backs to keep them secure. I also purchased this gorgeous wooden phone case. Many of the designs for the plugs, phone cases, and clothing were designed by popular international tattoo artists, like Eneko EtxebesteLucy O’Connell, Chris Lambert, and more.


You can visit Custom Plugs to see the awesome stuff on offer, they have both a UK and US shop. I hope you have fun spicing up your winter wardrobe with body jewellery!


Keep your stress down with a dressed-down Christmas

Christmas is close now, so close I can almost smell it. Well, not almost, I can definitely smell it. My mother is in the kitchen baking mince pies till dawn, there are roast chestnuts and mulled wine on offer at every street vendor in town, and cranberry scented candles are literally everywhere I look. One thing I could do without adding to my list of Christmas worries this year is what I’m going to be wearing. I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to hear that I am certainly not alone in this.

Insight from men’s retailer Reem Clothing has surveyed that the most popular looks for the 2016 festive party season are casual. I’m not talking novelty knitted jumpers emblazoned with bad puns. I’m talking Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby when he’s chilling in that classy cream sweater. You know, this one.


There are thousands of ways to look classy without putting in a huge amount of effort. An interesting pair of shoes with a simple shirt, a nice sweater with a statement watch, etc. 2016 hasn’t exactly been the kindest of years, so why not focus on the most important things like socialising with friends and family, rather than finding an expensive suit to feel awkward in.

Clothing has a massive impact on how we behave around others. Don’t believe me? Here are some interesting statistics from that survey I mentioned earlier…

  • Over half of men (54%) admit that they feel most confident when in a slim or straight fit clothing
  • Polo shirts are the most popular choice of clothing for a night out among men (19%) with colours of choice being either blue (35%) or black (29%) with the least popular colour choice being yellow (0.56%)
  • Over a third of those questioned (38%) said casual clothes were the most attractive for both men and women

Personally, I have decided to opt for the simple jumper and statement shoes option. I will be wearing the Sato Twist Knit from Only & Sons, some simple black jeans, and my new Giovanni di Paolo print Dr Martens from their Museum collection. As you can see, I let my shoes do the talking.

sato di-paolo-shoe

If you are in need of a little inspiration, you can take a look at the latest collections from the likes of Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger Denim and Gym King from your phone or device at www.reemclothing.com



A Frosty Rococo Winter


This December I’m all about the pastels. Since bleaching my hair into a kind of white/silver amalgamation, I have been wearing a lot of pale colours and avoiding bright, bold shades. Pale peach and pastel pinks are particularly fashionable this winter, along with lace cut tops and shirts. You can find a fantastic variety from asos, Next, and even ebay.

I recently picked up this high-knecked, victorian style, lace blouse from a charity shop, and it went perfectly the ‘DEEP ROOTED‘ matt brown lipstick from MAC and my new ROCAILLE choker from Raspberry Mazohyst.


This choker is made from clear plastic with rococo detail. It is incredibly comfy and versatile and by far my favourite accessory to date. Never before have I considered wearing a plastic choker to a dinner party, but the ROCAILLE choker exudes elegance and refinement.

Complete this winter look with some silver or gold glitter for your face and maybe a stick-on gem or two (I get mine from Claire’s Accessories). It may not be typically festive, but will turn you into a real life frost fairy.


Cranberry Decadence, An Ero Guro Look

I was delighted to open my mail today to find another delicious accessory from Raspberry Mazohyst to share with you. This gorgeous choker is a delight to wear and the ‘fan favourite’ from Narcyz’s shop.


Made from clear vinyl and plush red velvet, this choker is perfect for adding a splash of decadence to your outfit. The silver rings add a subtle flare for the fetishistic, enough to be noticed without being too outlandish. Whether you are dressed head to toe in rubber and about to grace a BDSM club, or you simply want to add a unique twist to a casual grunge getup, this choker will do the job and make your outfit stand out. It is a very diverse piece and will look fantastic with a variety of outfits.

Not only does it look great, but it is also very comfy. As gross as this is, I had a bad cold when I took these pictures, but the choker sat comfortably around my neck despite my swollen glands.

My own personal style mixes bondage themed accessories with casual jumpers, shirts etc, heavily influenced by visual kei and Japanese street fashion. This choker works perfectly for this style, and I paired it with an ero guro inspired jumper for a macabre everyday look.


Cranberry IMP choker: Rasberry Mazohyst shop

Haoyouduo Eyeball jumper: Aliexpress

Red eyeshadow: Sugarpill ‘Burning Heart’ palette

White eyeliner: NYX cosmetics 





A treat from Raspberry Mazohyst

corpse 2

One of my favourite online accessory stores at the moment is that of Raspberry Mazohyst on storeevny.com

He makes and stocks a gorgeous range of chokers, necklaces, rings, and even one-of-a-kind garments. I adore the metal necklaces that he makes, the are at once primitive and perfectly balanced, both tribal and gothic, and very reminiscent of BDSM fetishism. I would honestly buy everything from his store if I had that money. To be fair, his designs are incredibly unique, unlike the tirade of quickly spouting online shops selling novelty chokers, so it is definitely worth spending that little bit more money on his designs.

The top I am wearing here I bought a while back from Camden Market. Considering how temperamental the British summer is being, I’m finding that mesh is perfect. It’s a jumper…but it has holes in it. I am ready for those sparse rays on sunshine struggling to claw their way through the mass of dismal grey cloud!

So you should really consider getting a mesh top. Plus, mesh is actually in style this season. I’m sure you can get much less gothy mesh tops in H&M and Topshop etc.

corpse 3

Beta collar: Raspberry Mazohyst

Skull mesh jumper: Queen of Darkness

Purple stone ear plug: UK Custom Plugs

corpse 1




Fairy Kei at Hyper Japan

fairy 7

This weekend I attended my first Hyper Japan festival. Hyper Japan is a biannual event held in London, which celebrates Japanese culture, food, music, and clothing. I have always been a fan of flamboyant Japanese fashion, from avant-guard Visual Kei to classic lolita and harajuku street styles. Rarely do I get to wear these kinds of styles in day to day life, so I went all out this weekend with two flamboyant looks.

This fairy kei outfit was what I wore on Saturday afternoon.  Fairy-kei (meaning fairy-style), also called pop-kei, is one of the most popular current Japanese street fashions.The style is based around muted pastels, bright flourescents, and 80s revivalist cartoons and motif,s such as My Little Pony, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, vintage 80s Barbie, etc.

This outfit is a mixture of brand and cheap items from ebay. The tights are £3 from ebay, the wig was a shapeless thing from ebay which I had to style within an inch of its life. The rest of it is comprised of accessories from lolita brands.


Harlequin tights: ebay

Love Pop Tee: Listen Flavor

Big Star-Filled Bow 2-Way Clip: Chocomint

Metallic Star Dangly 2-Way Clip: Chocomint

fairy 1

Purple lolita pumps with wedge heels: Dreamy Bows

Vintage rococo handbag: Latimer Design, Rothley

fairy 5

fairy 6

Bloomers: My Lolita Dress

While I was at the festival I took the time to invest in some more accessories from two of my favourite Japanese fashion inspired stores, Dreamy Bows and Roxy Sweetheart. These shops regularly host stalls at both Hyper Japan and MCM comic con, and as you can see I have become quite the avid collector of their merchandise.

fairy 3

fairy 4


Fade to Grey: A Working Look

I had to take this opportunity to share with you all the amazing job that Leicester hairdressers Flappers & Gentlemen did with my hair. They transformed it from lifeless flop into stylish fop! You can see their Facebook and Instagram pages here and I will be doing a full review of the salon later on.

new hair

I also wanted to share with you a look that I find myself wearing to work most days; almost completely grey, it works very well as a ‘smart-casual-i’m-at-work-but-want-to-look-cool’ outfit.

grey look 3

Grey men’s herringbone coat: Primark

Grey ribbed turtleneck jumper: British Red Cross Charity Shop

Suit trousers: H&M women’s wear

grey look 6

Pink faux leather and black patent winklepickers: Aldo

Edgar Alan Poe socks: Out of Print Clothing 

grey look 2

Magnifying glass necklace: Beyond Retro, Brighton