January gems to put through your ears


I am not a person who deals very well with winter. If i’m honest, i’d hibernate all the way through it if I could. I’m cold all the time, wearing a million layers of bulky clothing, and not really paying much attention to how I look on a day to day basis. It’s times like these that accessories are a godsend; if you can’t be bothered to spend time on an fully fledged outfit, just add an interesting twist to plain comfy clothes with statement necklaces or earrings. If you’re more hxc inclined, or just had a slightly rebellious phase as a thirteen year old like I did, flesh tunnels are a great way to have some fun without making too much effort.

I recently purchased four new ones from Custom Plugs, a fantastic online store selling clothing, body jewellery, phone cases and more. They have a brilliant selection of plugs on offer, ranging from simple plastic ones to elaborate golden one inspired by traditional Indian jewellery. Wood, amethyst, opalite, glass, and metal are all used, fitting to a variety of tastes. My own tastes have changed dramatically and instead of looking for inverted crosses on glittery plastic, I now enjoy the more ornate designs made from gold and silver.


These plugs are all very comfy and the heavier ones, like this steampunk-esque cog themed one, have screw on backs to keep them secure. I also purchased this gorgeous wooden phone case. Many of the designs for the plugs, phone cases, and clothing were designed by popular international tattoo artists, like Eneko EtxebesteLucy O’Connell, Chris Lambert, and more.


You can visit Custom Plugs to see the awesome stuff on offer, they have both a UK and US shop. I hope you have fun spicing up your winter wardrobe with body jewellery!


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