A Frosty Rococo Winter


This December I’m all about the pastels. Since bleaching my hair into a kind of white/silver amalgamation, I have been wearing a lot of pale colours and avoiding bright, bold shades. Pale peach and pastel pinks are particularly fashionable this winter, along with lace cut tops and shirts. You can find a fantastic variety from asos, Next, and even ebay.

I recently picked up this high-knecked, victorian style, lace blouse from a charity shop, and it went perfectly the ‘DEEP ROOTED‘ matt brown lipstick from MAC and my new ROCAILLE choker from Raspberry Mazohyst.


This choker is made from clear plastic with rococo detail. It is incredibly comfy and versatile and by far my favourite accessory to date. Never before have I considered wearing a plastic choker to a dinner party, but the ROCAILLE choker exudes elegance and refinement.

Complete this winter look with some silver or gold glitter for your face and maybe a stick-on gem or two (I get mine from Claire’s Accessories). It may not be typically festive, but will turn you into a real life frost fairy.



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