Cranberry Decadence, An Ero Guro Look

I was delighted to open my mail today to find another delicious accessory from Raspberry Mazohyst to share with you. This gorgeous choker is a delight to wear and the ‘fan favourite’ from Narcyz’s shop.


Made from clear vinyl and plush red velvet, this choker is perfect for adding a splash of decadence to your outfit. The silver rings add a subtle flare for the fetishistic, enough to be noticed without being too outlandish. Whether you are dressed head to toe in rubber and about to grace a BDSM club, or you simply want to add a unique twist to a casual grunge getup, this choker will do the job and make your outfit stand out. It is a very diverse piece and will look fantastic with a variety of outfits.

Not only does it look great, but it is also very comfy. As gross as this is, I had a bad cold when I took these pictures, but the choker sat comfortably around my neck despite my swollen glands.

My own personal style mixes bondage themed accessories with casual jumpers, shirts etc, heavily influenced by visual kei and Japanese street fashion. This choker works perfectly for this style, and I paired it with an ero guro inspired jumper for a macabre everyday look.


Cranberry IMP choker: Rasberry Mazohyst shop

Haoyouduo Eyeball jumper: Aliexpress

Red eyeshadow: Sugarpill ‘Burning Heart’ palette

White eyeliner: NYX cosmetics 






Revolver/Mission Taco


Those who have passed through the Norwegian capital will know one thing; it is expensive as all hell to do anything, but especially eat and drink. Mission Taco and its sister bar next door, Revolver, are an oasis of culinary vegetarian goodness in a barren desert of takeaway pizza and reindeer meat.

Okay so reindeer meat wasn’t all that common, but as a vegetarian I often felt like my choices were limited during my stay in Oslo. I thank the gods that Mission Taco was only a ten minute walk away from the hostel where I was staying. Not only do they deliver delicious, authentic Mexican dishes in a quick and cheerful manner, but the prices are very reasonable. Portion size is great and never left me wanting for more. The ingredients they use are fresh and full of flavour and I was delighted to see homemade queso fresco, pico de gallo, and jalapeño slaw on the menu. They also make a deliciously fresh pineapple salsa. I am not a huge fan of pineapple but this salsa was perfect; juicy, hot, and perfectly balanced to the savoury flavours.


Having tried every dish on the menu because I loved the place so much, I have to say that my favourite dish was the quesadillas and I highly recommend them if you find yourself is Oslo any time soon. Lightly crisped tortillas filled to bursting with beans, cheese, rømme (traditional Norwegian sour cream, giving it a unique touch!), pico de gallo, salsa and lime, eating them was heaven and I could happily survive on them for the rest of my life. However, after a single serving of three individual large quesadillas costing 120 Krone (about £12) my appetite was fully quenched and contented. After a chilled apple cider (with extra lime cordial because I frikking love lime) I wondered sleepily into the bar next door to see where the cool music was coming from.


I wasn’t sleepy for long as I absorbed the uniqueness of Revolver, probably the most important bar and venue in Oslo for underground and indie musicians. Decorated with album artwork, taxidermy animals, and a bizarre tapestry of tropical parrots, Revolver quickly because my second home in Oslo. There were three reasons for this. One, the atmosphere was incredible friendly. Sometimes in an indie venue you get the typical indie vibe of pretension, indifference, and exclusiveness, but this was not the case in Revolver. People smile, talk to you and make you feel welcome. Two, the staff are bloody lovely people. Sit at the bar and chat to them and you will end up in deep conversation about music of all genres, Norwegian history, and the bizarre ritual used to distill Scandinavian festival drink, Akvavit. Water of life indeed. Three, the cocktails are out of this world and really not that expensive compared to a lot of other drinking establishments in Oslo. The staff have created their own unique list of flavoursome cocktails, each with a story behind them. So stick around, sample a few and ask about those stories. You will not be disappointed.


Aside from delivery amazing beverages, Revolver host regular gigs and club nights. There is a real DIY ethic here and bands of all kinds are welcome, from black metal and doom to jazz and spoken word. You can see a schedule of their upcoming shows here. Along with local and indie bands there have been some big names here too, like Plan-B, and Fenriz from black metal powerhouse Darkthrone. What’s great about this bar is that it brings people from all walks of life together, with different tastes but the same lust for life. The fjords may be beautiful, but you won’t meet a friendly bar man there who knocks substantial dollar off of your drink prices just because it’s your birthday and he thinks you’re a sound guy. You need to go to Oslo to get that experience.

Møllergata 32, 0179 Oslo | Tel 22202232 | Bar open Mon to Sun 6pm-3.30am| Kitchen open Thurs to Sat 3pm-10pm, Sun 12pm-8pm |