V Revolution

Manchester is a thriving metropolitan of artsy liberals and activists of all kinds. Naturally, it is fantastic for its choice of vegan cuisine. Perhaps my favourite spot for meat and dairy free nosh is V Revolution, a junk food haven in the lively Northern Quater.

v revoution 1

What I love about this unique spot is that it doesn’t attempt any healthy new-age superfood stuff. This is burgers, hotdogs, milkshakes, the kind of food you want to eat your weight in when you’re suffering from a hangover. It’s hearty, flavoursome, and rich.

Long with their regular menu there is a daily special, every one with a fantastically cheesey  (or cheeseless?) name. On the last day I took a visit they’d plotted the Tomacco; burger, cheese, bacon, baconnaise and spicy ketchup, all totally vegan.

v revolution 4

As if this isn’t enough, this delightful diner also sells a selection of vegan snacks and sweets to take home with you.

The prices are affordable and more than fair for the amount of variety and different vegan food stuffs you get to sample. There isn’t a lentil or chickpea in sight, not that i’m adverse to these, but it was exciting to try the wide variety of condiments, cheeses, and crispy meat flavoured toppings that my broke self cannot afford in a typical weekly food shop.

I would recommend the ‘Knights in Satay’s Service’ burger (‘chicken’, peanut butter, siracha mayo, chilli and rocket) along with a chocolate soy ice-cream milkshake for the most satisfying vegan junk fest of your life.

v revolution 2

88 Oldham Street Manchester M4 1LF | Mon to Sun 12pm-6pm, closed on Tues 

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