Tea und Kraft

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My sister is currently living in the popular holiday destination of Söll, Austria. During winter the picturesque village is packed with skiers from all around the globe, who also like to spend time in the nearest neighbouring town, Kufstein.

Kufstein is a delightful mixture of quaint Austrian charm and modern sleekness; traditional wooden houses with flowers bursting from every window sill sit contentedly alongside the neoteric architecture of the University of Applied Sciences campus.

One place that gets the mixture of Austrian authenticity and exotic flare particularly spot-on is Tea und Kraft, a teahouse located on the main route into the town centre.

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This huge beautiful building with its wooden shutters and ornate balconies is somewhat of a centre for peaceful living; not only does the cafe offer over a hundred different types of tea to drink and buy, but it also hosts workshops on subjects like yoga, alternative therapy, healthy cooking for families, and more.

The team at Tea und Kraft are obviously well travelled and have drawn ideas from global cultures to influence their work. This is prevalent in both the interior decoration and the small ‘kraft’ shop at the back of the cafe. Here you will find wall hangings, incense burners, candles, small statues of Buddha made from jade, and many other homely treasures.

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It was a hot day when  I went to visit and of course they offer some brilliant cocktails too! I can recommend the grimly named ‘Black Heart’; don’t be deterred, it is actually like a sweeter Long Island Iced Tea with a lovely garnish of cherries and physalis.

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Among the multitude of teas you can order, your hosts offer a traditional Japanese style family serving which includes a pot of green organic Matcha Tea and three delicacies from their bakery.

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Salurnerstraße Nr. 5, 6330 Kufstein | Tue to Sat 10:00 – 18:00