A treat from Raspberry Mazohyst

corpse 2

One of my favourite online accessory stores at the moment is that of Raspberry Mazohyst on storeevny.com

He makes and stocks a gorgeous range of chokers, necklaces, rings, and even one-of-a-kind garments. I adore the metal necklaces that he makes, the are at once primitive and perfectly balanced, both tribal and gothic, and very reminiscent of BDSM fetishism. I would honestly buy everything from his store if I had that money. To be fair, his designs are incredibly unique, unlike the tirade of quickly spouting online shops selling novelty chokers, so it is definitely worth spending that little bit more money on his designs.

The top I am wearing here I bought a while back from Camden Market. Considering how temperamental the British summer is being, I’m finding that mesh is perfect. It’s a jumper…but it has holes in it. I am ready for those sparse rays on sunshine struggling to claw their way through the mass of dismal grey cloud!

So you should really consider getting a mesh top. Plus, mesh is actually in style this season. I’m sure you can get much less gothy mesh tops in H&M and Topshop etc.

corpse 3

Beta collar: Raspberry Mazohyst

Skull mesh jumper: Queen of Darkness

Purple stone ear plug: UK Custom Plugs

corpse 1





2 thoughts on “A treat from Raspberry Mazohyst

    1. Hi Jess! I’m really glad you liked it, that Sugarpill palette is magical I swear to god. I hope you find some good mesh things! xxx


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