Fairy Kei at Hyper Japan

fairy 7

This weekend I attended my first Hyper Japan festival. Hyper Japan is a biannual event held in London, which celebrates Japanese culture, food, music, and clothing. I have always been a fan of flamboyant Japanese fashion, from avant-guard Visual Kei to classic lolita and harajuku street styles. Rarely do I get to wear these kinds of styles in day to day life, so I went all out this weekend with two flamboyant looks.

This fairy kei outfit was what I wore on Saturday afternoon.  Fairy-kei (meaning fairy-style), also called pop-kei, is one of the most popular current Japanese street fashions.The style is based around muted pastels, bright flourescents, and 80s revivalist cartoons and motif,s such as My Little Pony, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, vintage 80s Barbie, etc.

This outfit is a mixture of brand and cheap items from ebay. The tights are £3 from ebay, the wig was a shapeless thing from ebay which I had to style within an inch of its life. The rest of it is comprised of accessories from lolita brands.


Harlequin tights: ebay

Love Pop Tee: Listen Flavor

Big Star-Filled Bow 2-Way Clip: Chocomint

Metallic Star Dangly 2-Way Clip: Chocomint

fairy 1

Purple lolita pumps with wedge heels: Dreamy Bows

Vintage rococo handbag: Latimer Design, Rothley

fairy 5

fairy 6

Bloomers: My Lolita Dress

While I was at the festival I took the time to invest in some more accessories from two of my favourite Japanese fashion inspired stores, Dreamy Bows and Roxy Sweetheart. These shops regularly host stalls at both Hyper Japan and MCM comic con, and as you can see I have become quite the avid collector of their merchandise.

fairy 3

fairy 4



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