Silver Future

Silver Future is everything that a contemporary gay bar needs to be; specifically not a gay bar, but a safe space for everyone that stands within the LGBTQIA bracket. Founded in the Neukölln district, it has long been in partnership with popular queer club SchwuZ and offers free tickets to regular club events like Hot Topic every Friday.

silver future 3.jpg

Unlike Roses Bar with it’s crowd of older cisgendered men, Silver Future does its best to make everyone feel welcome. The decor may be just as fabulous, but a tad less phallic. Dildos tacked onto the walls are replaced by framed pictures, bearing glittery slogans like ‘Congratulations, you just left the heteronormative section’ and ‘Ich liebe mein vagina’. The crowd is typically younger but there are also older regulars, with an even mixture of men, women, trans, and non-binary people. Also noticeable is its patrons being of all nationalities and from many different countries. It is truly something heart-warming to see all of these people together enjoying the casual atmosphere, good music, and delicious drinks.The cocktail list is fantastic as well as reasonable, with prices ranging from €5,70 – €7,20. Ordering from the cocktail menu will automatically get you a free ticket into Schultz’s event that night.

If you aren’t so much into the queer aspect but are looking for a bar with heaps of personality, the interior of Silver Future will most definitely delight you. Door frames laced with fairy lights, high heels and handbags handing from the ceiling, black and white photos of drag queens and queer couples mounted on the bright fuchsia walls, and a huge portrait of Audrey Hepburn with a mustache all add to the fun but poignant message that gender and sexual norms do not matter here. 

Weserstraße 206, 12047 | U Hermannplatz (U7 / U8)


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