Roses Bar

Berlin has long had a prosperous and progressive queer scene. From the roaring 20s gay bars like ‘Eldorardo’, where Marlene Dietrich and Christopher Isherwood regularly whiled away their nights in lavish company, to today’s infamous Berghain club, a hot spot for Berliners and hopeful tourists alike.

roses bar 1

Nowadays, the diversity in Berlin’s queer scene extends to venues and events that steer away from the stereotypical and aim to include all members of the LGBTQIA community. However, Roses Bar is sadly not one of these places. Although highly recommended on many Berlin queer essentials websites and regarded as one of the most popular bars in the queer scene, the atmosphere in Roses leaves much to be desired. Due to it being a small bar, there is no space to move around inside and in order to get a drink you must awkwardly lean over others sitting at the bar trying to converse. The crowd is mainly older cisgendered white men, with a fair few creepy looking guys sitting alone in corner tables. The staff are obviously not keen on tourists, and in response to asking for a Hemingway you will be told that they ‘don’t serve fucking cocktails’, with emphasis on the ‘fucking’ bit. Although they only serve long drinks, these long drinks are very strong, so at least you will be getting your money’s worth.

roses bar 2

The only redeeming part of Roses is the interior design- a fantastic amalgamation of fetish-themed artworks, disco balls and rainbow coloured chandeliers, huge dildos amusingly tacked onto the walls becoming somehow tasteful coat hangers, and walls covered in vibrant magenta fur. It is a shame that this bar suffers for its bad attitude, because it has the potential to be a fabulous start to a night out, but instead leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. Onward to other bars like Silver Future…


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