Last Cathedral

last cathedral 1

Ever dreamt of drinking from a beer tower in Dracula’s lair? If so, this horror rock bar on Schönhauser Allee is the crypt for you. Stepping inside, you are immediately swallowed by darkness and immersed into a gothic dungeon with medieval chandeliers, skeletons and spiderwebs hanging from every corner, and corpses lying underneath glass panels in the floor. They are not real skeletons, nor corpses, but that feeling of primal fear is still there as you continue to notice small spooky details all around, including deathly white faces embedded into the wooden benches seated around individual tables.

last cathedral 3

With its scary interior and penchant for playing goth, punk, and metal music, this bar has long been an integral part of several Berlin subcultures. On Saturdays it holds a ‘Dance Macabre’ event, playing a mixture of post-punk, goth rock, and Neue Deutsche Härte music such as Rammstein and Megaherz.

Since the 1980s and the birth of Berlin’s own Neue Deutsche Welle (new German wave) bands Malaria! and Einsturzende Neubauten, the goth scene in Berlin has been more active than most paces outside of London and L.A., with several nights dedicated to an umbrella of genres all considered ‘gothic’. Although musically, Post-punk and Electronic Body Music might be extremely different, what unites these gothic genres is a love for all things macabre, and a distinctive physical appearance encompassing leather, latex, and velvet into outfits. Several of these events take place around Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße, including popular monthly goth/synth-pop night Centuries, making Last Cathedral the perfect place for pre-drinks and getting into the mood.

last cathedral 4

Upon entry you will receive a free shot, and once inside you will find the drinks selection to be vast as well as humorous. Cocktails with names like ‘Black Death’ and ‘Hannibal’ arrive with edible gummy bats and eyeballs on cocktail sticks. Mentioned earlier, the ‘Beer Tower’ is a plastic tube of your own personal two, three, or four litre beer on tap, made to look like a old-fashioned contraption with use of copper base and rusted tap. A regular stop on the ‘666 Alternative Berlin Pub Crawl’, nowadays there are more tourists around than before, but this does not stop Last Cathedral from being a thoroughly good time and worth braving the night for.

Schönhauser Allee 5, 10119 Berlin | Mon-Sun 8pm-5am


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