Grober Unfug

This monster of a comic shop is the biggest in Berlin. From its humble origins as a tiny Kreuzberg store in the ‘80s, as part of the wall-era arts-based counterculture, to this larger Mitte location in 2010, Grober Unfug has played a huge part in both the nerd and arts scenes in Berlin. Conveniently for otakus and graphic art lovers, the store is located around the Rosa-Luxumberg area, just up the road from Neo Tokyo. Although a huge sign outside reads ‘Comics’, so much more can be found in Grober Unfug; stepping through the door you will find yourself in a Narnia of nerd-dom, with several huge rooms packed floor to ceiling with merchandise.

grober 2

Grober Unfug stocks a wide range of international speciality comic books, all hand picked by the owners. They import books from Japan, France, the US, and more. And not only do they stock comic books; they also have a vast array of children’s books, books about street art, photography, and film, as well as books about Berlin-based artists. This is the kind of place that sells best-sellers like Batman, Watchmen, and The Walking Dead alongside things you have never heard of, like Henry and Glenn Forever, a comic by various punk artists portraying the lead singers of Black Flag and Misfits in a domestic relationship. It also sells a whole load of comic-related wares such as t-shirts, mugs, plushies, postcards, and figurines. If you are unsure about anything or want to enquire about a particular book, ask one of the staff about it. Much like the owner of Spielgeise, they are friendly, passionate, and really know their stuff when it comes to graphic art.

As well as all this, Grober Unfug also has a gallery space where auctions, exhibitions, signings, and performances are held. A wide variety of Berlin-based artists have held events here, and there continues to be a line-up of exciting artists to check out.

Torstraße 75, 10119 Berlin | Mon-Sat 11am-7pm 


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