Founded in 2002, this small and incredibly niche bar caters to a number of subcultures, particularly the noise and experimental scenes, and is a favorite for musicians, artists, and renowned DJs. One of the few bars in Prenzlauerberg that redeems the area from an overtly yuppy vibe, 8MM plays any and all non-mainstream music, and is proud to boast that you will not find any chart or techno blasting from its speakers. Expect to hear krautrock, punk, new wave, dream pop, gothabilly, garage, and anything in between.

The interior of the bar is unique and charismatic, decorated with old film reels and canisters, clapperboards, and other film-related memorabilia. Every night, a movie of the staff’s choice will be projected onto a large, empty wall. Particular favorites include old martial arts films, black and white horrors, and Weimer Republic classics like Pandora’s Box and Metropolis. The staff do not like you taking photos inside, so it’s best stay long enough to print a mental image into your long-term memory.

8mm berlin 2

As well as all this, they also host live gigs on most nights of the week featuring bands from all around the globe, and every night has a couple of fantastic DJs spinning the best in alternative tunes. In partnership with its record label 8MM Musik, the bar is dedicated to bringing recognition to indie acts from underground music scenes. Past bands who have played here include acclaimed experimental no-wave band Swans, indie giants Interpol, and even The Strokes, as well as local Berlin bands such as Jawbones and Sick Horse. Musicians of all calibers hang out here, so you might see some famous faces if you’re lucky.

Schönhauser Allee 177b | Shot of whisky € 2.50 | 20:00 – till late daily


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