Pit & Pendulum

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If you’ve ever fancied consuming a mouth-watering bowl of nachos beneath a medieval chandelier, or sipping on a cocktail named after one of the seven deadly sins, Nottingham’s own dungeon-style pub Pit & Pendulum is the haunt for you. One of four UK establishments owned by the Eerie Pub Co., this gothic tavern is filled with macabre delights to tantalise your eyes as well as your taste-buds. Descend the dark wooden staircase to the underground floor and find yourself some privacy in one of the hollowed stone nooks. There, you can recline in ornately-carved wooden chairs around tables that wouldn’t look out of place in Camelot.

Decorated with antique medical equipment in glass cases and an array of spooky skeletons lurking in dark corners, you will be surprised at how warm and welcoming the atmosphere actually is once you go up to the bar to order. The staff are always waiting to crack a joke and a smile and the service is lightning-fast.

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Which brings us to the menu itself, offering a large selection of hearty pub classics like scampi & chips and steak & ale pie, as well as a vast array of paninis, wraps, jacket potatoes, burgers, hot dogs, and sides. There is ample choice for vegetarians including a spicy bean chilli, a veggie club sandwich, a spinach and falafel burger, and more. If you’re low on cash you can grab two main meals for £9, and there are also some larger sharing platters. Worth sampling is their unique Jaffa Ice Cream Cake– the tangy but sweet bite of the orange combines perfectly with the rich chocolate sauce and airy whipped cream to leave a delightful taste on your tongue.

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Later on the venue becomes a favourite for pre-Rock City drinking, and with cocktails named ‘Pride’, ‘Wrath’, and ‘Lust’ what better place to indulge in a few pitchers of liquid sin? Not to mention the toilets are hidden behind a moving bookcase and it is hilarious to watch drunken people pawing at the wall, desperately seeking the door.

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As well as all of this, Pit also hold regular music nights playing a range of goth, metal, rock, and alternative music. Check their website for regular updates, and if you’re ever in Nottingham be sure to check out this obsidian gem of a pub.