Birthday Adventures in Leeds

In the preceding weeks I was really not looking forward to my birthday. I’m not saying that 22 is ancient, the rational voice in my head tells me that it isn’t . It’s just something about the jump from 21 to 22 in terms of being an adult and the adult things that people expect from you seem different…and terrifying.

birthday 2015 11

But these looming adult changes did not stop my Birthday from being wonderful. Mainly because I got to visit the beautiful Roundhay Park. Wandering around the lakes, weaving through the forest, encountering numerous lovable dogs and discovering the smallest castle in history made me happier than I have been in a good while. There is something about nature and being surrounded by green that makes me feel relaxed. I often find that living in a city puts me in a constant state of panic and anxiety that I should be rushing around doing a million things at a time, so as not to miss out on anything. Being in Roundhay Park made me forget about all that, and suddenly it all seemed a bit trivial.

birthday 2015 24

birthday 2015 52

When we had adventured through the whole park, we went to find sustenance at the lakeside cafe. As usual, I wanted all of the cake. I also had a cointreau hot chocolate, which was divine. Then we headed straight for cocktails at The Alchemist in the Trinity Shopping Centre. One thing I have come to learn about myself is that I am not satisfied unless my cocktails look like a science experiment, exploding dry ice for miles. And The Alchemist delivers all of this and more. Try the ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ for an extra special drink that is served in teacups!

birthday 2015 29birthday 2015 55

After consuming many fabulous drinks, we went home for a bit to prepare for the evening meal at Browns, again somewhere that I had never been before. I was not left disappointed, as their food was totally divine, the service was prompt….and they also had really good cocktails. I was going to go for champagne but at the end of it all I was so stuffed I couldn’t manage it. We shared a baked Camembert with sour dough soldiers to start, followed by white cream and truffle oil pasta, and finished with sticky toffee pudding with stem ginger ice-cream and profiteroles with chocolate lime sauce. See picture below for a better idea of the utter awesomeness of this meal.

browns food

So after this fantastic day of nature, food, drink, laughter and love, we rolled home full and content. It was an absolutely amazing birthday, and I have been in a fantastic mood ever since, despite catching a cold.


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