Vegan & Veggie Food in Leeds

Not too long ago, I wrote a piece for Time Out Leeds about where to find the best veggie/vegan food in Leeds, both from restaurants and specialised food shops.

I wanted to share with you some of the other images and thoughts I have had about Leeds-based food recently.

First and foremost, there is Millies. A great little food shop not far from my flat, where I go to purchase anything from skin care products to silken tofu. Recently I have been going in there weekly to buy their scrumptious home-made chocolate peanut butter cake (totally vegan!).

millies 5

They have a lot of lovely home-made goodies, as you can see! And as i’ve been on a cake binge recently, this is fantastic for me.

Also, I have recently been to the gorgeous Global Tribal Cafe, and had their yummy sweet potato, carrot, and paprika soup. I love the interior decoration of Global Tribal, it feels so natural and bohemian and relaxing. Also the people who work there are lovely.

global tribal 1 global tribal 2

They also do bloody amazing cake, I especially love the earl grey cake they have every now and then. Okay, so this is turning into a ramble about cake…

And on the subject of cake, I must tell you about the vegan tiffin I got last week from Leeds vegan bakery That Old Chestnut! These guys are incredible and the range of cakes, flapjacks, tiffins, and brownies that they make is enough to make any vegan drool. The cakes are moist, spongey, rich, and everything that cake should be. They have an online store and you can literally get these heavily goodies delivered directly to your door (like I did, because I’m lazy). I got a box of 9 tiffin slices, which included peanut butter-chocolate, coffee chocolate, and raw ginger flavours.

chestnut 2

Aaaaand recently I have also been to the adorable little cafe Root & Fruits (also, located conveniently a 5 min walk from my living space). They have a gorgeous selection of mains and starters, but again, I must ramble about cake. They do a raw gluten-free chocolate cheesecake, with a coconut macaroon base, drizzled with  pomegranate coulis, and it is divine.

roots and fruits 1 roots and fruits 2

That guys in the last picture is Richard, the owner of the cafe. He is a thoroughly lovely guy.

And yes, for now, that’s all the rambling I have to do about vegan food….mostly cake…in Leeds! Please do check out my Time Out article for a more comprehensive list of places to check out, I just wanted to give you a little bit more of a personal spin on things.

Happy eating, everyone! ☆ ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥


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