The Reliance

valentines 2015 3

My partner has been ill for the entirety of Valentines Weekend,  but we dragged ourselves out from under layers of blankets to go for romantic Sunday lunch at Leeds restaurant and bar The Reliance. The Reliance is a fantastic little dining room on North Street; a refreshing mix of vintage, european feeling interior, and hearty British pub food with a contemporary twist.

They use only locally produced ingredients and stock a wide range of Yorkshire brewed bitters and ciders. They have a lovely range on the menu for vegetarians (like myself and my partner). Today we indulged in the Yorkshire fettle & chestnut stuffed onion, roast trimmings, and veggie gravy, and it was delicious. They serve Sunday lunch from 12-m-8:30pm every week, which is pretty damn awesome.

valentines 2015 1

They also have a neat little cinema that hosts regular screenings, and is also available for private hire. In the past I have seen ‘Beetlejuice’, John Waters’ ‘Polyester’, and a whole host of other fantastic cult films at this lovely little venue.

Upcoming screenings, menus, drinks lists and more can be viewed on their website.

76-78 North St, Leeds | Mon-Thurs 12-11pm, Fri-Sat 12pm-12am, Sun 11am-10:30pm


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